Wednesday, November 13, 2019

UCSF Animation

About a year ago, I was hired by UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) to take over an animation project whose development had stalled. 

Before my involvement, relatively little had been produced over a few months, and even less that was satisfactory, so as the deadline approached panic ensued.  I almost turned the project down when I heard I'd have three weeks to produce an animation pretty much from scratch.  However, after getting some assurances that the resources and incremental approvals I required would be prioritized, I signed on.  After all, while the content was yet another departure from my usual focus on product and forensic visualizations, the animation production process was essentially the same as always. 

Though I was initially worried about getting the cooperation necessary to pull it off, everyone was more than helpful, every meeting was succinct, the deadline was met, and everyone (I think) appreciated the final product. 

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